The Actor-Based Change Framework

Navigating Complexity in a Changing World

What is the ABC Framework?

The Actor-Based Change (ABC) Framework is a tool that helps us understand how change happens in complex systems. Developed by Andrew Koleros, Sean Mulkerne, Mark Oldenbeuving and Danielle Stein, the framework is based on the idea that complex systems are made up of interconnected actors (people, organisations, etc) who interact with each other in a dynamic and non-linear way. The framework provides a set of tools and concepts that can be used to map and understand the relationships between these actors, and to identify key drivers of change within the system. This allows for a more nuanced and holistic understanding of the system, and can help to guide and evaluate interventions in such settings.

Where can I find resources?

To learn more about the ABC Framework, you can check out the Resources section, which provides a wealth of information on the framework, including:

  • The original paper published in the American Journal of Evaluation in 2020.

  • A brochure that provides a concise overview of the framework's key concepts.

You can also find additional resources, including case studies and articles, to further your understanding of the framework. The Resources section is the best place to start if you want to dive deeper into the world of complex systems and the Actor-Based Change Framework.

Where has the ABC Framework been applied?

The case studies section of the website provides real-world examples of how the Actor-Based Change Framework has been used to analyse and navigate complex systems. The case studies cover a range of topics and geographies, showing how the framework can be applied in diverse contexts. The case studies also highlight the challenges and successes of using the framework in practice, providing valuable insights for anyone interested in learning more about its application. By exploring the case studies, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the Actor-Based Change Framework can be used to make a difference.

About this site

Welcome to Actor-Based Change, a website dedicated to understanding and navigating the complexities of change. This site explores the Actor-Based Change (ABC) Framework, a practical and useful tool for understanding how change happens in complex systems. It provides resources and insights on complex systems theory, and shares case studies of how the ABC Framework has been used to guide interventions and evaluation in real-world contexts.

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