Case Studies

Nepal Security and Justice Programme

The IPSSJ programme evaluation in Nepal applied the ABC Framework to develop, adapt and operationalise a robust theory of change. Workshops with implementers mapped actors, behaviours, and motivations to build causal pathways for key groups like communities and police. This enabled capturing the complexity of Nepal's governance context whilst maintaining clear causal logic. The resulting theory of change was iteratively adapted based on emerging evidence. The IPSSJ case demonstrates the ABC Framework's value in facilitating stakeholder participation to develop pragmatic, context-specific theories of change for complex development programmes.

assorted-color buntings on mountains during daytime
assorted-color buntings on mountains during daytime
Empowerment, Voice and Accountability in Pakistan

The EVA-BHN project, which was part of the Provincial Health and Nutrition Programme (PHNP) in Pakistan, used the ABC Framework to design, learn and adapt as it worked to empower and organise citizens and civil society to hold the governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to account for the delivery of quality maternal and neonatal health services.